4,460 lives lost.

On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the middle portion of the Philippines, killing thousands of innocent people, and at the same time, destroying their homes and communities. The storm ravaged the island of Leyte and neighboring island Samar, sending storm surges as high as trees and wind gusts reaching 175 miles per hour.

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Who We Are

Filipino-American Students for Tragic Emergency Relief (FASTER) is a growing student community from colleges and universities across the southeastern United States. Each college or university has its own Filipino student organization uniting Filipino and non-Filipino students to learn, embrace and promote Filipino culture in their generation. As a generation, it is always important to remember one’s roots, as it is the foundation life builds upon.

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Isang Pamilya - FASTER Project


In spite of the natural disasters, one of the most inspirational things is how united the people of the Philippines are during these difficult times. Although we cannot change what has already happened, we can change how the situation is being dealt with, but only if we unite. Through this hashtag, we are uniting the FSAs on the national level because only together can we make a change.

Damage from the Typhoon

Where We Donate

The money you donate through FASTER will be distributed in two ways. We are partnering with Impress Ink, a t-shirt company that will be distributing Hope for the Philippines t-shirts for $10 each. Every dollar spent on the t-shirt you buy will be donated to the Typhoon Appeal Cause for Gawad Kalinga. Aside from our partnership with Impress Ink, we will be directing all other donations to Gawad Kalinga for Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief.